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March 20, 2024

AOSA membership,

This is a friendly reminder to take a moment to submit your nominations for the board. I need them by the end of March 2024. At this point I have had four responses. You read that right. Four responses.

Bridget Westfall

February 12, 2024

To: Association of Official Seed Analysts Member Laboratories
From: Bridget Westfall, Chairman AOSA Elections Committee
AOSA Nominations Solicitation
This is an announcement that AOSA is taking nominations from our membership for Vice President, two board members, and Sec/Treas.

Sec./Treas. and the board member positions are each for a three-year term.

The Vice President position is for a two-year term, with ascension to the Presidency for an additional two-year term.

The current elected AOSA Officers and Executive Board Members are:

Term Expires

President       Johnny Zook                                2024
Vice-President   James Smith                                2024
Sec/Treas           Lynn Robinson                             2024
Board Member  Kyle Arvin                                    2024
Board Member  Diandra Viner                              2024
Board Member   Jeanna Mueller                             2025
Board Member   Gordon Baldridge                        2025
Board Member   Shanne Stapleton                          2026
Board Member   Victor Vankus                                2026

James Smith will advance to the Presidency.

Diandra Viner has indicated that she is willing to serve another term as a board member if elected, and Lynn Robinson has indicated she is willing to continue as secretary/treasurer if elected.

Kyle Arvin has indicated that he is not willing to serve another term as a board member.

Remember that you can nominate someone from your own lab.

Please take time to make thoughtful nominations for the Vice President, Sec./Treas., and two board members positions.

Nominations will be accepted until the end of business on Monday, April 1st.  A nomination form may be found by clicking HERE for the Word Document.  Click HERE for the PDF document.

Please send completed nomination forms or for any questions to:

Bridget Westfall

Nominations for AOSA Merit Awards are also being sought at this time.

AOSA Merit Award Recipients are AOSA members or individuals engaged in seed testing, or with a major interest in seed technology.  AOSA appreciates and recognizes these individuals for their significant contributions to AOSA and the field of seed technology. A historical listing of AOSA Merit Award Recipients as well as criteria for nomination can be found at this link. AOSA Merit Awards – AOSA | SCST (analyzeseeds.com)

Please submit your nomination by the end of business on Tuesday, April 30th to:

c/o James Smith

Thank you, AOSA Board of Directors

Awesome Work

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