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We finally received the last of the required participants answers for the pure seed/inert matter written exercise.  As a reminder we are required by the AOSA Bylaws and the SCST Constitution and Bylaws to give participants a minimum of 60 days to participate.  We typically give you closer to 90 days.  A friendly reminder to please complete them on time.  Take five minutes at the end of the day or beginning of the day to answer one question and it can be completed very easily by the deadline.  We have given plenty of grace periods.  As per the SCST C&B any member who fails to complete it in the time frame will be moved to an inactive member until it is completed. 

Attached below please find the summary of the results for this exercise.  This will be covered more in-depth at the Annual Meeting in Saskatoon. 

We are currently working on getting the last exercise for 2022-2023 ready to send out which is a hands-on seed identification test.  To save on shipping costs, you will also be receiving at the same time, the first exercise for 2023-2024 which is a nonmechanical seed count hands on with some written questions as well. 

Please click HERE to view the analysis of the results.

Thank you,

Jeanna Mueller (RST)
AOSA Chair

Heidi Jo Larson (RST)
SCST Chair

Awesome Work

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