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Seed Testing Method Validation, Theory & Practice

This one-day workshop will give an overview of the International Seed Testing Association’s method validation methods and process, including inter-laboratory study.  These methods are aligned with ISO standard guidance including ISO 5725 and ISO 17025. 

  • We will cover study designs for method validation as well reviewing key method validation criteria including accuracy and precision (repeatability and reproducibility) and how they are calculated and evaluated. 
  • We will review some ISTA tools that have been very helpful in the method validation process including a box plot tool to graphically represent method validation data and an analysis package to get estimates of accuracy and precision with reference back to a gold standard method. 
  • Participants will get some hands-on work with a couple of these tools and a chance to break out into working groups to design a mock method validation study and get feedback from the instructors, and the group on their study design.  There will be also case studies on in-house method validation from seed testing laboratories.
  • There will be a discussion on perspectives of regulatory and rule proposal with method validation and verification

Come and join us for some good learnings, tool use, discussions, and fun!

The seat is limited, please make the registration to reserve your seat: https://analyzeseeds.com/product/2023-aosa-scst-annual-meeting-participant-registration-workshop-seed-testing-method-validation-theory-practice/

Workshop Instructor: Kirk Remund, Chair of ISTA Statistical Committee

Workshop organizer:
Reschly Brent, Ruojing Wang
Co-chairs of AOSA/SCST New Technology Committee

Krista Erickson
Director of Member Strategy and Solutions, Seed Canada

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