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Dear AOSA & SCST Membership,

The germination committee and the germination uniformity working group continue to need your assistance. Below is a link to the fifth survey that includes high quality images of seedlings. Please download the pdf and save to your computer prior to filling it out.  The instructions for how to complete the survey are included in the first few pages. There are no right or wrong answers for this survey. It is how each individual person is interpreting this seedling image, therefore it is very critical that this be done on an individual basis and not as a group project. You are encouraged to use Volume 4: Seedling Evaluation while completing this survey.

The responses will be reviewed by the germination committee to determine a final consensus on whether the seedling is normal or abnormal and the abnormalities present. These images will be used to create a database to be used for training purposes. These images will also help the germination committee determine if there are any areas of Volume 4 that may need to be clarified further.

We are also looking for volunteers to help review the data from the completed surveys.  If you are interested please let Riad, David, and Heidi know.

The link to download the pdf and complete the Seedling Evaluation Set 5 survey:

Please download the pdf and save to your computer before filing it out.

The deadline for this third round is October 31st.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Once completed please send the results of your pdf to:

Riad Baalbaki  riad.baalbaki@cdfa.ca.gov
David Johnston djohnston@ldaf.state.la.us
Heidi Larson Heidi.larson@sgs.com
Thank you,
Germination Uniformity Working Group
Germination Committee

Awesome Work

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