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Dear AOSA & SCST Members,

The AOSA and SCST Consolidated Exam Committee would like to announce that we have updated the exam application, the re-examination application and the Consolidated Exam Content Information.  Additionally, we have updated the Herbarium Voucher form that had been used by SCST applicants and is now applicable to both AOSA and SCST applicants.  All forms are available on the exam website page Consolidated Exam Committee – Analyzeseeds and when downloaded to your computer, they are in a format that can be filled electronically.
The Genetic Technology Committee uses only the re-examination application for their use.
For more information on this, please contact your exam chair:
AOSA applicants to Leanne Duncan – Leanne.Duncan@inspection.gc.ca or 306-914-6798

SCST applicants to Sarah Graybill – Sarah.Graybill@sgs.com or 605-692-7611

SCST applicants for RGT to Molly Richeson – Molly.Richeson@agreliant.com or 309-446-9830

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