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The uniform blowing procedure (revised June, 2006) depends on the uniformity of the master calibration samples that are used to calibrate each blower and on the accurate determination of the equivalent air velocity (EAV) value for optimum blowing points.

The USDA, AMS, Seed Regulatory and Testing Division had agreed to serve as administrator of the master calibration samples.

The consistency of the blowing procedure is dependent on the first critical calibration step being done properly using reliable calibration samples.    For these reasons, both the administrator and the users of master calibration samples are responsible for maintaining the integrity and uniformity of the master calibration samples.

There is no fee for borrowing the samples if the borrower abides by all the requirements listed in the “Loan Agreement Form for MCS”.  Users will pay for returning samples by a overnight, traceable shipping service (UPS, FedEx, etc.).  If the samples are damaged or lost the borrower will be required to pay to replace or reconstitute the samples, please review the “MCS Borrower Responsibility Guidelines” for additional information.

In order to access the Master calibration Samples, please complete the Loan Agreement Form and forward to:
MCS Program Administrator
USDA AMS Federal Seed Laboratory
801 Summit Crossing Place, Suite C
Gastonia, North Carolina 28054-2193
Phone 704-810-8870

Questions about the MCS program can be directed to: 

Anitra Walker, CSA Anitra.Walker@usda.gov

Print User Guideline for Master Cal Samples

Print Loan Agreement Form for MCS


Print Administrator Guideline for Master Cal Samples


Print MCS Borrower Responsibility Guidelines