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SCST Constitution & By-Laws

Committee Chair

Tom Mager
Beck’s Superior Hybrids

General Procedure for Changes to the SCST Constitution and Bylaws

  1. Proposed changes to the SCST constitution and bylaws must come from the board of directors or from the general membership. The constitution and bylaws chair does not make changes independently.
  2. Proposed changes from the membership are submitted to the Executive Board for review and discussion.
  3. If proposed changes are approved by the Board to move forward, the Constitution and Bylaws chair will draft proposed amended text to be presented to the general membership during Long Range Planning.
  4. Proposed amendments are discussed by the members present, and at this time any additions or edits may be made to the proposed amendments.
  5. At the SCST Business Meeting the membership present will vote to send the proposed changes to the entire membership for voting.
  6. The Executive Director sends out the proposed amendments as agreed upon during Long Range planning, to the entire membership. Generally this is a digital version of the presentation given during Long Range planning. The presentation is also made available on the analyzeseeds.com website.
  7. A ballot is drafted to be sent out to all members eligible for voting. Members have 30 days to review proposed amendments before voting is tallied. Each proposed amendment is voted on individually.
  8. Only amendments which have been voted on and passed by a 2/3 majority are added to the constitution and bylaws.
  9. Passing amendments are made to the constitution and bylaws and the updated version is sent to the Executive Board for review and final approval before distribution to the membership and upload to the website.

Download PDF of Constitution and Bylaws

Download Change Form (PDF)

  • Addition of a diversity and inclusion statement to Article III: Membership
  • Change in Ethics process, that the Executive Director shall inform the president and vice president without specifics when a complaint has been filed.
  • Removal of equivalency of other proficiency tests, due to the formation of a joint AOSA/SCST proficiency testing committee.
  • Addition of Journal Committee as a permanent committee, with the understanding that the president may appoint a special committee for the journal if necessary in the future.