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Dear AOSA & SCST Members,

This is your first reminder about the nonmechanical seed count proficiency test.  This is the first exercise for the 2023-2024 proficiency testing year that was sent out with the seed count hands on exercise for 2022-2023.  This exercise is due August 1st and the deadline will approach quickly with harvest upon us shortly. 

Also the second exercise has been written and is in the process of being reviewed for distribution to the memberships.  This is a written exercise over the sample process from taking the sample, to dividing the sample, to the purity, germ, and noxious process, and to reporting the sample.  This exercise will be due December 29th.    

Thank you,

Jeanna Mueller (RST)
AOSA Chair

Heidi Jo Larson (RST)
SCST Chair

Awesome Work

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