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Organized by:

The California State Seed Laboratory, Sacramento, CA

April 3-5, 2024

Registration is now open.
The California State Seed Laboratory will be organizing a 3-day Seed ID and Germination workshop in April 2024. The seed ID part will cover approaches for dealing with unknown seeds, identification of some species on the CSA/RST exam list, and other objects encountered in a purity analysis, as well as molecular identification. The emphasis of the germination part will be on seedling evaluation topics such as grass shoot evaluations, root abnormalities, Fabaceae cotyledon evaluations, and use of the Seedling Evaluation Database.
The material will be structured to benefit both beginner and experienced analysts, including those working towards RST/CSA certification, with an abundance of hands-on exercises.
Please see the registration form HERE and info sheets HERE for more details.
The deadline for registration is February 23rd, 2024.

  For all inquiries, please contact Emi Kuroiwa (emi.kuroiwa@cdfa.ca.gov; 916-738-6701)

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