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AOSA ChairSCST Chair
Todd Erickson
USDA, AMS, S&T, Seed Regulatory and Testing Division
801 Summit Crossing Place, Suite C
Gastonia, NC 28054
Phone:  704-810-8870
Fax:  704-810-4189
Angie Rutt
AgReliant Genetics, LLC
1122 E. 169th Street
Westfield, IN 46074
Phone:  989-834-9718
Fax:  317-896-9209
Committee MembersEmail
Christopher Robertschristopher.roberts@corteva.com
Cheryl Fosslercheryl.fossler@agriculture.arkansas.gov

The committee has reviewed several websites with varying degrees of information on how to write a quality assurance manual. Some sites provide free information, while others offer a service or publication at a fee. A brief description of each of the sites is provided for guidance in setting up a quality manual.

  • Provides a gallery of Quality Manuals with examples to learn from
  • AIMS Research Center Quality Manual is a good example of a complex quality system
  • The Quality Manual from Circuit Board Express is a good example of a generic document outlining how the company complies with requirements
  • The IBM Haifa Research Lab Quality Manual is an example of an organization that is addressing software development concerns.


  • Free samples are available via e-mail, that will include valuable information on how develop a policies and procedures program along with representative procedures that illustrate the writing style and format used in all of their manuals available for purchase.


  • Offers for purchase, a 1,200 page manual that contains over 300 prewritten policies and procedures along with 200 sample reports, forms, checklists, exhibits, and job descriptions
  • Provides several helpful links to other sites.


  • Offers for purchase, comprehensive policies and procedures books for creating a procedure manual.  These self-help books focus on setting up the framework for a complete system of policy and procedure documents, and may eliminate your need for a consultant
  • Provides links to actual policy and procedure manuals


  • Offers for purchase, Quality Manuals for Quality Management with templates for writing Quality Policies and Procedures Manuals
  • The Rank-Rite Quality Management Package was developed so any company can efficiently develop its own policies and procedures manuals from proven documentation. Provides a standardized, user friendly format.


  • Publications with samples of manuals and key supporting procedures can show you how to develop a Quality Manual without hiring a consultant.
  • Provides many useful organization links, including one to ISO (International Organization for Standardization)


  • Some of the topics discussed include:
  • Over 90% of the material is free of charge
  • Translates 17 quality standards into plain English
    • How to Develop a Quality System that complies with ISO 9001 2000
    • ISO 9001 2000 Internal Audit Program
    • Auditing Standards
    • Quality Manual Guide
    • Quality Improvement
    • ISO 9000 Resources
    • Directory of ISO 9000 Consultants
    • ISO 9001 2000 Translated into Plain English
    • Plain English Overview of ISO 9001 2000

Specific subjects are discussed during each meeting. The presentations are shared to assist in forming a QMS system.


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