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Nishit Patel CSA-P&G
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Seed Laboratory
2301 N. Cameron St.
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone: (717) 772-5534
FAX: (717) 705-0816
Deborah Meyer RST CSA-P&G
California Department of Food & Agriculture
Plant Pest Diagnostics Center – Seed Science Lab
3294 Meadowview Rd
Sacramento, CA 95832
Phone: (916) 262-1100
FAX: (916) 262-1137

Updates to the AOSA Purity Testing Handbook (2020)
The AOSA Purity Testing Handbook (PTH) is available for purchase under the Store tab of this website. Understanding the AOSA Rules and the uniform application of the procedures provided in the AOSA Rules is the goal of the PTH. This handbook is not meant to be a substitute for the AOSA Rules and should not be relied upon as such. As a reminder, whenever there is a conflict between the AOSA Rules and what is stated in this handbook, the AOSA Rules always prevail.  Periodic updates to the PTH will be posted here for free download.

PSU #27 – Revised page 4-87 – Revised: 4-19-2024

Chapter 10 – Testing Coated Seed – Revised: 4-19-2024