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Volume 91 No. 1

Dear AOSA & SCST Members,

This issue of The Seed Technologist Newsletter includes an updated schedule for the Annual Meeting, suggestions for first time attendees, information from ASTA, AOSCA, and ISTA, upcoming events, the 2024 AOSA Rule change proposals, and an update from AOSA-SCST leadership as we get ready to meet up in Rapid City in June. Many thanks to everyone who submitted updates, articles, and ideas for this issue!
The in-person Communications & Publications committee meeting will be Monday, June 3, at 8am in Salon G&H. Come to the committee meeting in Rapid City or send your ideas to the committee chairs by emailing Quinn Gillespie (quinn.f.gillespie@gmail.com) or Kathryn McGinnis (Kathryn.McGinnis@usda.gov).
Submitted by,

Quinn Gillespie – SCST Communications & Publications chair
Kathryn McGinnis – AOSA Communications & Publications chair

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