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Applications for examination are now being accepted for the following dates:
August 17 & 18, 2023
The USDA Seed Regulatory and Testing Division will be hosting the AOSA/SCST exams Gastonia, NC in conjunction with their annual Seed School, August 14-16, 2023. The Purity exams will be administered August 17th and Germination exams August 18th.  Applications should be submitted to the appropriate committee chair as well as the Executive Director no later than June 30, 2023.
Please contact Todd Erickson (todd.erickson@usda.gov) for further information about the seed school.
 Applications will be considered in the order received. Applications that are unclear or contain incomplete information will be rejected. Due to the nature of the exam, space is limited.  For all examinations, applications are available from the AOSA/SCST website or from the AOSA/SCST Administrative Office. 
Please submit applications to the appropriate exam co-chair and Executive Director at the following locations via scan and email to:
AOSA/SCST Administrative Office
Email:  asoa@aosaseed.com or scst@seedtechnology.net
Phone:  (202) 870-2412
Leanne Duncan, AOSA Co-chair
Email: leanne.duncan@inspection.gc.ca
Phone: (306)914-6798
Sarah Graybill, SCST Co-chair
Email: sarah.graybill@sgs.com
Phone: (605)692-7611  
No payment is required at time of application; invoices will be provided for the examination upon acceptance of your application.

Applications for the exam can be found on our website:
Consolidated Exam Committee – Analyzeseeds

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